Dress - Multibrand boutique - Via G. Oberdan, 68 Lecce

"The Large Glass". The displays of Dress.

Every month in the display window of Dress, an artistic idea takes shape, reflecting emotions and desires. This is “The Large Glass”, a showcase that lies somewhere between ready-made and installation.

The philosophy of Dress embraces the belief that art is a daily activity made up of small gestures that can give meaning to our thoughts, our behaviors and the things around us.

Like believing in an economy of beauty. Like doing something significant and wanting to share it. And the vision of Dress embraces the idea that all this can generate “collective” value, and that the culture of a business should also be about this.

Each display lives on through a photograph in this archive. Creating an album to browse, just as you browse a family album over the years.

And each display also lives on in a postcard. Creating a little collection of images, a gift to mark the satisfaction of a desire. Like a visiting card for each time you shop at Dress.

Our “Large Glass” deliberately evokes the title of a work by Marcel Duchamp, a work which has inspired the creator of our displays, Marcello Moscara, as he himself says in these pages.

Il Grande vetro – ©Marcello Moscara – www.marcellomoscara.it

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