Dress - Multibrand boutique - Via G. Oberdan, 68 Lecce

At a woman’s pace – Dress experience

The philosophy of Dress. The words that define us

It’s a big word, philosophy. So let’s write it with a small ‘p’, to make it clear we mean that set of ideas we have, those little principles we give ourselves, the feelings and emotions we like to try and share, the meaning we find in what we do and which perhaps explains why we do it this way. To say these things succinctly, we have chosen a few keywords.

Niche collections – keywords: travel, emotion, research

– No to commercial fashions and passing trends: they represent established, globalized taste, and that’s not who we are
– Yes to freeing women from fashion – Yes to clothing as freedom of choice
– Dress is about clothing the body in emotions. Yes to a way of dressing that reflects our own personal research, our endless journey among niche collections, where we find things that reflect who we are, things that relate to us and excite us.

Taste in the experience of Dress – keyword: impeccable, my way

It’s a love of impeccable tailoring

It’s being demanding about high-quality materials

It’s this passion that guides us in the search for the perfect detail

It’s our idea of ​​elegance

It’s the set of sensations and emotions captured in a garment

It’s my freedom to choose the right dress for the right feeling, the feeling I want to express right now

It’s the tactile sense of clothing

It’s the visual sense of clothing

It’s clothing my way, free to travel across space and time, part memory and part souvenir

The Dress space – keyword: from store to Place

Because in Places there are people with stories, and there is that set of feelings and desires we call a ‘soul’.

Because one can inhabit a piece of clothing the way one inhabits a Place

And we like that analogy, that correspondence between Place and Clothing