Dress - Multibrand boutique - Via G. Oberdan, 68 Lecce

I, Dress – My dream of living in a walk-in wardrobe

My name is Clara Marzano. And I created DRESS in 2001.
Sometimes DRESS feels like a part of my DNA, and it’s a beautiful feeling.

My mother likes to tell me of my grandfather Vittorio Scagliarini, owner of the largest fabric store in town. I have my own memories too. They say I look like him.

So you could say that the passion for fabrics is in my DNA. And I can believe that, if it translates into a sense of taste and style.

It’s also a sense of touch. And my grandfather was the same: happy to give the gift of elegance to anyone who entered his shop, now a part of the city’s history.

I, Dress? As little girls, we used to dress up as adults
We inhabited imaginary bodies, while our dolls played the role of children
Now that we are grown women, we learn something about ourselves from the clothing we choose to wear
And we like to feel different, by not conforming.

I, Dress – I love the pleasure given by the kind of clothes that let my soul breathe
Like an emotion that caresses you all over

The story that brought me to DRESS also includes

  • My passion for travel and all that is new
  • My concept of ​​clothing as the feeling of ‘inhabiting one’s own body’
  • In other words, that wonderful sensation when you know you’re wearing the right clothes for how you feel right now, or how you like to feel
  • The belief that, unlike fashion, clothing is about being, rather than having or appearing

And if I tell you how much I love conveying my pleasure in all these feelings about clothing to other women… Then everything finally becomes clear

I had no choice but to do what I do – In order to be happy, I had to create DRESS

So, We DRESS – for those of us who see clothing as a philosophy, a way of listening to ourselves, and our personal lifestyle

A way of being. Not appearing